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Technical Services

Sophisticated processing, excellent quality, good service, good technology is Nantong Hennly mixing equipment in the current market, the cohabitation of the key to outstanding performance. It ensure the credibility of the customer.

Company has first-class processing equipment, mixing equipment and services industry for many years a number of excellent teams, employees generally have excellent technology, rich application experience, can provide customers with equipment selection from to the whole process of production services.

One-stop service:

1. ahead of sales:

We will feature products based on customer recommend the most suitable equipment to do the most economical solution, the customer's answers to help solve serious technical problems when necessary to send a senior engineer to the customer site, according to the precise conditions of the customer's specific program. Achieve the same purpose for the customer cost savings.

Before signing with the customer, we will give details of our designs and allows customers to verify, in order to reduce late because of ill-considered in the manufacturing losses. We will also invite clients to company site visits to understand the company's product quality, processing power and other basic information.

2. during the cooperation:

In the production period, the company can invite clients to company technical staff supervision and inspection of products, while the company can also provide detailed information about the product, including product data and product quality all kinds of test data. In this manufacturing process, we can without reservation to advise customers of all parts of the processing means, technology, allow customers to products of assured quality inside.

3. after sales:

In line with the customer to further improve product sales, maintenance and other service work, Our company commitment to customers:

1. Within 24 hours we will send service technicians to the customer site.

2. Under normal circumstances, the company will be equipped with conventional spare replacement parts to meet customer requirements at any time.

3. Provide a consistent quality of parts 。

4. Provide life-long maintenance