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Silver/Aluminum Paste Mixing

With the constant appearance of new energy, new materials and new technology, electronic slurry as a new material is far superior to traditional circuit material (such as resistance wire, heating pipes, etc.). Electronic slurry have the features of environmentally friendly, efficient and energy-saving , which are increasingly being applied to the high-tech fields. In China the application of electronic slurry is mainly based on conductive paste (silver paste, aluminium paste). Nantong Hennly closely connects with this area and supply professional mixing equipments for many customers, especially for the area of sliver paste.

Silver pastes have the character of a large value of the product, high mixing requirements, zero pollution, don't have residual plot material. According to these characters, Nantong Hennly made a lot of improved design for the traditional mixer and match with a special discharging cart. Hennly’s products got a lot of customer recognition.